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Get the most out of your investment property.

Not all Property management companies are created equal. Saltwater Grande provides more bang for the buck with our:

An image attempting to show that we have Beautiful Responsive Websites
Beautiful Responsive Websites

Saltwater Grande has developed multiple beautiful responsive websites to showcase our luxury properties, drive bookings and keep guests happy through our simple, streamlined booking process and optimized guest tools.

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Multiple Mobile Apps

The housekeeping and maintenance support app helps to ensure our properties are well taken care of. The Guest App allows guests to manage reservations, Get info about local events, restaurants, shopping and access our Virtual Concierge, all from their smartphone. The Owner App provides our property owners all the information they need about their properties, right at their fingertips.

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Smart Home Automation Systems

We streamline property operations and save you time and money by controlling multiple connected devices, including thermostats, lights, pool, spa, and many more smart devices through our system. Reduce energy consumption, detect issues or problems, and improve security. We also ensure a perfect guest experience by creating a welcoming and comfortable environment.

An image attempting to show that we have Extensive Distribution Network
Extensive Distribution Network

Saltwater Grande has partnered with the biggest Online Travel Agents (OTA's) in the industry to provide the best possible exposure for all of our properties. By branching out and diversifying our audience, we ensure our properties are always booked.

An image attempting to show that we have Best Housekeeping Guaranteed
Best Housekeeping Guaranteed

Saltwater Grande has the best housekeeping team in the area. It's no secret that housekeeping can be a HUGE issue. But not with Saltwater Grande. Our housekeeping team takes pride in their work and uses only the highest quality linens in every property.

An image attempting to show that we have Virtual Concierge System
Virtual Concierge System

Our guests demand a higher standard. With that in mind, we have developed a complete Virtual Concierge system that allows our guests to quickly and easily access information, purchase attraction tickets, pre-order groceries, or request literally anything they could possibly want right from their smartphone or the kiosk in each property.

An image attempting to show that we have Guaranteed Minimum Income
Guaranteed Minimum Income

That is NOT a misprint! Select properties that qualify for our Grande program will receive guaranteed minimum income! That means we will guarantee a minimum income amount that those owners will always receive regardless of whether their property makes less than that amount. That said, our goal is to surpass the minimum by far, earning you even more income!

An image attempting to show that we have Annual Maintenance Plans
Annual Maintenance Plans

We ensure all of our properties are kept in tip-top shape. Our exclusive Annual Maintenance Plans will ensure this happens without passing the burden to our owners. Plans cover routine maintenance, including but not limited to air filters, batteries, light bulbs, minor plumbing, service calls, and more.

An image attempting to show that we have Strategic Partners
Strategic Partners

From our industry-leading software providers to our fantastic homeowners, Saltwater Grande has spent countless hours researching and developing partnerships with a select group of individuals and businesses to ensure the success and growth of both the company and our property owners. Are you ready to partner with Saltwater Grande?

An image attempting to show that we have Professional Photography
Professional Photography

One of the most important parts of marketing our properties is making sure the photography is of the highest standard possible. Photos are the primary means of representation for our properties, so ensuring high-quality photos that honestly represent our properties is crucial.

An image attempting to show that we have 360° Virtual Tours
360° Virtual Tours

Saltwater Grande will showcase your property using our interactive virtual tour system. This creates a responsive and immersive 360-degree view of all of the rooms and exterior of your property, allowing guests to view your property as if they were there in person.

An image attempting to show that we have Unique Marketing Plan
Unique Marketing Plan

While we have developed a very successful marketing strategy for generating bookings, we feel that not all properties are equal and they each deserve individual attention to ensure that they perform at the highest level possible. Therefore, each property that partners with Saltwater Grande will undergo a full evaluation and ongoing monitoring to ensure our marketing efforts selected are in line with the needs of that particular property.

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