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Reimagine your design

The Grand Strand's Best Design Team

What can Saltwater Grande Design do for you?

From start to finish the Saltwater Grande Design team will be with you every step of the way
to make the process of Reimagining your design as amazing as the final product.

An image attempting to show that we have Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a great way for us to introduce ourselves and get an idea of what you are looking for as a client.

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Ideas & Planning

After the Initial Consultation, we present you with a few design ideas that match your style and then work with you to perfect the final design.

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Agreement & Scheduling

Now that we created your perfect design, you sign off on the final agreement and we schedule the work to be completed.

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Execution Phase

This is when the magic happens, our team of experts and partners come in to execute the plan and make your perfect design a reality.

Set Your Property Apart

Updating your property increases the appeal of your property through a refined design and aesthetic, and contributes to the long-term value of your property.

When staging your property for guests, consider what they’ll see in the photos. A window may have an amazing view, but if there are no accents around it, it could fall flat. Take that same window and imagine an elegant chaise lounge in front of it, a bold bookcase in the corner, and a unique lamp on a side table.

Guests want to have a memorable experience. Finding unique ways to help your guests have an unforgettable vacation means your rental property, too, should be unforgettable.  A great experience leads to repeat bookings, predictable income, and great guest reviews.

A few of our recent projects

From complete renovations to simple redesigns, below are a few of our more recent design projects.

Simple Design Ideas

Below are a few simple design ideas to help inspire your next big project.



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