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À La Carte Home Services


When it comes to your home or investment property, we know you aren’t always able to take care of everything. That’s why, at Saltwater Grande, we offer à la carte home services to any property owners along the Grand Strand.

Available services include:
  • • Routine Maintenance
  • • On-Demand Housekeeping
  • • Meet Technicians or Vendors
  • • Receive Deliveries
  • • Grocery Delivery
  • • Lawn Services
  • • Power Washing
  • • Inspections
  • • Storm Preparation
  • ...and so much more.                              

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    Standard Clean

    Leave it up to us. We facilitate first-class cleaning from our cleaning staff for your property. Utilize us before you arrive, after you leave, or whenever. No worries.

    $0.10 per square foot

    Limited Service Clean

    Looking for a specific task such as a bathroom cleaning or floors only? Let us free up your time and handle this customized service.

    $0.05 per square foot

    Deep Clean

    From top to bottom. We will ensure your home is spotless. You can count on our detailed cleaning staff to make your home like new.

    $0.20 per square foot

    Walkthrough Inspections & Receiving Deliveries

    Going out of town or using your property as a secondary residence? No need to worry about your home. We are here to walk through and inspect your property to notify you of any issues.

    Need something from Lowe's or Home Depot and don't have a truck? Let us accommodate you! Just give us a call.

    $65.00 per man hour

    Maintenance, Storm Prep & Winterization

    Have a maintenance issue in your home and not sure what to do? Let us help you resolve issues quickly and easily. Our team of maintenance technicians are skilled in troubleshooting and making home repairs.

    When a storm is predicted, we can bring in outdoor furniture, install protective material over windows, doors, and all entry points, prepare appliances for outages and protect property from flood damage.

    As the cold of winter moves in, we can remove hoses and drain them, turn off sprinkler systems, check pipes, check gutters, test smoke detectors, check heat settings, and more.

    $65 per man hour, plus materials

    Lawn and Pool Care, Power Washing & Other Contracted Services

    We will be available to assist you in coordinating contracted services such as lawn care, power washing, pool care, and exterior maintenance.

    Priced per service.


    For information or to receive a personalized quote, complete the contact form below or give us a call at 888-472-6330.



    Address: 3751 Robert M Grissom pkwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

    Telephone: 1-888-472-6330

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